Custom Blow Molding Basics

Plastic blow molding companies create products using several different methods.  All of the processes start with a plastic preform or parison that is placed in a hollow mold. Air is then blown into the preform or parison so that it expands and fits to the mold cavity.

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The Thick and Thin of Plastics Extrusion

Plastic extrusion companies support a global industry valued at more than $185 billion, with the North American market accounting for 21% of that volume.

The Extrusion Process

The plastics extrusion process begins with resin in a hopper being fed into a barrel. A screw within the barrel mixes, heats and pushes the resin through a die that creates the product’s desired shape. Heating bands or cooling devices can be used to regulate the temperature of the resin in the barrel.

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Injection Molding Machinery 101

Injection molding machinery forms the foundation of an industry with a global value of $258.2 billion, approximately $7.2 billion of that attributed to the U.S. injection molding market.Injection molding is the most common method of mass-manufacturing plastics products. An amazingly wide range of products are made using injection molding machinery,...
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Get on Polysort and Get Found

Polysort: The Online Directory for the Plastics and Rubber Industry from Pilot Fish With thousands of visitors each year, Polysort is a trusted resource in the U.S. plastics and rubber industry. People come to Polysort, knowing they can find the products and services they need easily and simply.As such, the Polysort plastics and rubber industry dir...
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Welcome to Polysort!

Since our founding in 1995, at the dawn of the Internet, even before Google existed, we've been the go-to online directory for the plastics and rubber industries, with links to thousands of manufacturers and suppliers.We're now redefining our focus, with a special emphasis on the U.S. market. With the Internet being global, we thought it important ...
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