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Welcome to Polysort!

Since our founding in 1995, at the dawn of the Internet, even before Google existed, we've been the go-to online directory for the plastics and rubber industries, with links to thousands of manufacturers and suppliers.

We're now redefining our focus, with a special emphasis on the U.S. market. With the Internet being global, we thought it important to fill a specific niche for companies that do business directly in the U.S.

Our name defines our mission – "poly" stands for "many" and "polymers", while "sort" means to organize. Polysort organizes the many companies involved in the U.S. polymer industries to help you find what you need.

Through the years, industry members of all sizes have relied on our directory to find the goods and services they need. Looking for a blow molding company? Yep, we've got them. Need a rubber machine or a used rotational molding machine? We've got those too, along with plastic extrusion machinery, rubber product suppliers and plastic resin distributors, just to name a few of the 80+ categories included in our online directory.

Those categories are broken down into four main sections: Materials, Equipment, Processors and Services to make it easier to find the goods and services you need. Our handy search function cuts right to the chase and lets you find the right vendors without scrolling through various categories.

The "poly" part of our name covers more than just the number of listings in our directory. It also reflects the number of site visitors we get each month, making Polysort a great place for your company to be found.

A Polysort listing also is an efficient way to circumvent Google's opaque search ranking practices. There's no trying to jump through the hoops of an ever-changing algorithm here at Polysort. If you're a company that does business in the U.S plastics and rubber industries, it's easy to submit your website to our directory – click here to learn how.

In an Internet world that's increasingly tyrannized by Google, Polysort has remained relevant by focusing on what we do best – helping companies in the plastics and rubber industries find each other and connect.

You'll want to come back to Polysort on a regular basis to keep up with our blog. Here we'll address timely, useful information that can make a difference in your business. Have a good topic for a blog post? Email us your idea today

So that's Polysort - a great place to find the products and services you need, a great place for potential customers to find the products and services you offer and a great place to find information your business can use.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ section for the answers you need.

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