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  Adams Engineers & Equipment Inc.
Equipment manufacturers rep for injection molding and extrusion equipment for pipe, profile, laboratory, and compounding systems; auxiliary equipment including blenders, hot runners, chillers, materials handling, screws and barrels.

Equipment manufacturers representative for plastic processing machinery, molds and ancillary equipment for export from India.

  Colonial Saw, Inc.
Equipment distributor for manufacturing and sharpening cutting tools, shapers, router bits, end mills, spiral cutters, drill bits, saws and knives.

  Cosa Instrument Corp.
COSA INSTRUMENT CORPORATION is a national distributor of leading analytical and process control instrumentation. COSA’s 20 plus years of application expertise translate into reliable, affordable solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

  Danda Engineering Inc.
Equipment manufacturers representative for new and remanufactured injection molding equipment, and secondary equipment such as temperature controllers, materials handling, water manifulds, flow meters, and others.

  DJS Enterprises
Sells new and used packaging equipment.

  Global Equipment Mktg. Inc. - Magnetics Division
Distributor of MASTERMAG Magnets, Separators and Systems, a manufacturer of magnetics
and equipment, throughout the United States and The Americas.

  Hope Group (The)
Equipment distributor of Ingersoll-Rand compressed air products; Parker-Hannifan hydraulic, filtration and seals; and many other industrial use products.

  Innovative Marking Systems Inc.
Distributor of TOSH pad printing equipment and supplies including the LOGICA line.

  ISC Sales Inc.
Distributes various lines of auxiliary equipment and products.

  Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions Ltd.
Equipment manufacturers representative of pad printing equipment, screen & pad printing inks, and laser marking systems including Teca-Print AG, RUCO Inks, and Chromatron.

  Klenco (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
A distributor for industrial cleaning equipment.

Online site to buy and sell new and used machinery for the plastics and rubber industries.

  Machinery Systems Inc.
Mazak machine tool distributor in North America; financing source specializing in custom machine tool financing, and distributor-owned dealer of used CNC machine tools.

  Manufacturer Rep Network, LLC
Our service connects nationwide manufacturers from the Plastics and Rubber industry and many other industries with qualified independent reps throughout the United States and Canada.

  Marshall Wolf Automation Inc.
Distributor for automation, temperature, motion and industrial products.

  Millholland Conrad, Inc.
Manufacturers representative selling primary and auxiliary equipment including injection molding, chillers, assembly systems, magnetic equipment, materials handling, granulators, screws and barrels.

  MOR Electric Heating Assoc., Inc.
Stocking distributor of heaters, controls and accessories including the Salamander-brand ceramic infrared heating elements and ceramic radiant panels.

  Pad Print Machinery of Vt Inc.
Exclusive North American distributor, which includes Canada and Mexico, for Comec brand Pad Printing equipment and supplies.

  ProChill Ltd.
Design, sales and commissioning of fluid chillers to cool Plastic moulding machines

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