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  Composites One
North American distributor of fiberglass and advanced composite materials including thermoset resins, glass, carbon and aramid reinforcements to fillers and accessories.

  Fiberpartner ApS
Is a global supplier of environment friendly staple polyester fibre, polypropylene fiber & industrial yarn.

  Fibertec Inc.
Supplies fillers and reinforcement including Microglass™ milled fibers and Wollastonite.

  Hi Rise Exports (P) Ltd
Mica mining and export company from India offering special mica fillers under the brand name Micaplast.

  I FOAM ehf
Polyethylene foaming technology to the rotational moulding industry.

  Johns Manville Corp.
Supplies fiber glass insulation and building products.

  Matrix Group Inc., The
Manufacturer, distribution agent and reseller of performance resins and compounds.

  Nanocor Inc.
Provides chemically modified clays that when added to plastic polymers, form nanocomposites.

  Pyrograf Products, Inc.
Is the world’s leading producer of stacked-cup carbon nanotubes which are sold under the trade name Pyrograf®-III. Pyrograf®-III is used to provide enhanced mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties in polymeric composites.

  Reade Advanced Materials
Manufacturer and global distributor of high-performance metal powders, ceramic powders, composite powders, ultrafine powders, nanoparticles, fibers and more.

  Windward Trading Co.
Offers base resin products and fillers and reinforcements, custom concentrates and a variety of services including materials development and selection, molding and part design assistance, and proprietary products distribution.

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