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  CTC International
Manufactures automatic roll changing splicers, unwind tension controls, web accumulators and rewinders for the packaging industry.

  Damark Packaging Systems Inc.
Manufactures high quality, moderate speed, moderate priced shrink packaging machinery for all types of industries.

  Datco Inc.
Manufactures hot melt adhesive roll coaters for packaging applications.

  Delta Industrial Service Inc.
Designs and builds specialty converting and packaging equipment.

  Eastey Enterprises, Inc.
Makes shrink wrapping and sealing machines.

  Edson Packaging Machinery Ltd.
Custom designs and manufactures automatic and semi-automatic case packing machines, along with ancillary devices that handle a wide range of products, from canned goods, to confectionery to converting products.

  Elite Cameron Inc.
Manufactures and supplies web processing machines includes manual and automatic Core Cutters, Slitting and Rewinding, Laminating, Hot Melt Coating and Special Purpose machines.

  Emplex Systems Inc.
Makes a range of form/fill/seal machines for the packaging industry.

  FEMC Innovative Packaging Machinery
Produces filling and capping equipment.

  Fischbein Co.
Designs, manufactures, and sells bag closing equipment and systems for the packaging industry.

  Flexicell Inc.
Designs and manufactures robotic material handling systems, providing standard or custom solutions for packaging and palletizing needs.

  Frain Industries Group
Buys, sells, rents and leases used packaging and processing machinery.

  George Gordon Associates Inc. (GGA)
Manufactures multi-item packaging systems with case loading and pallet/gaylord loading, horizontal wrapping, vertical wrapping to name a few.

  Heat and Control
Offers packaging systems featuring weighing, conveying and filling equipment for products that range from fresh and frozen foods to hardware and rubber bands.

  Heat Seal LLC
Makes stretch wrapping equipment and related products in addition to shrink packaging equipment.

  Highlight Industries Inc.
Manufactures stretch wrap equipment.

  HMC Products Inc.
Makes the Pouchmaster which forms, fills, and seals a wide variety of products in a pouch of laminated material, including soaps, shampoos, cake mixes, pet food, towelettes and many others

  Hoppmann Corp.
Provides full packaging automation solutions for the cosmetic, food, personal care, household, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

  Hudson-Sharp Machine Co.
Manufactures polyethylene bag making equipment and pre-zippered film systems worldwide.

  Ilapak, Inc. - North America
Manufactures a host of flexible packaging equipment, including shrink wrapping and form/fill/seal machines.

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