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  A&J Industries L.L.C.
Builds molds and supplies custom injection molded products and components with inhouse capabilities for prototyping as well.

  Aberdeen Technologies, Inc.
Supplies small insert molded parts of exacting critical tolerances in the medical, electronics/electrical and automotive industries with mold tooling design and fabrication, product development and prototyping services.

  Aircom Manufacturing, Inc.
A full service supplier from engineering, design and development, with tool building capabilities to injection molding, machining, turning, stamping, fabrication, assembly and welding.

  American Precision Prototyping
This Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company specializes in rapid prototyping using stereolithography and other additive manufacturing processes. Since its founding in 2002, American Precision Prototyping has become a leader in the rapid prototyping industry.

  Andex Industries, Inc.
Designs, thermoforms, provides stock tools and prints a range of custom thermoformed blisters, blister cards, clamshells, insert cards and skin packaging board.

  Applied Plastics
Supplies custom thermoplastic extruded products to the profile and tubing industry with full service from in house tool and die department to the finished part.

  Architectural Plastics Inc.
Designs and custom fabricates plastic parts, products, and displays and is a distributor of plastic materials including sheet monomer and polymer materials. Design assistance includes CAD/CAM capability and ships worldwide..

  ARRK Creative Network
Model maker and prototype manufacturer.

  Asheville Thermoform Plastics Inc.
Supplies custom plastic thermoforming from designing, tooling, fabricating to completion of product.

  ATS Automation Tooling Systems Precision Component
Produces complete turnkey precision injection molded components from tool building, design, prototyping, automation integration along with contract manufacturing for the automotive, medical, thermal and microelectronics markets.

  Auburn Engineering
Rapid prototype and prototype tooling services. Specializes in injection molded plastic and cast metal prototypes.

  Austro Mold Inc.
Supplies custom injection molded products along with in-house capabilites for injection mold design; mold building, tryout, and repair; secondary finishing and assembly.

  Autronic Plastics Inc. (API)
Supplies precision injection molded components with inhouse capabilities to design, tool making, and assembly for safety products, components for healthcare, office products, and entertainment media packaging.

  Available Plastics
Supplies PVC custom extrusions, injection moldings, protyping capabilities, and fabrication expertise.

  Avedon Engineering Inc.
Provides custom designing, mold making, and injection molded high pressure and structural foam thermoplastic parts with secondary and finishing operations.

  Avia Design Group
Marine and industrial designers specializing in plastic boats and marine products. Experienced with injection molding and fiberglass design.

  Basic Tool Inc.
Specializes in plastic injection molds, from tool design to tool tryout servicing the automotive, appliance, housewares and furniture industries in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

  bmi CAD Service Inc.
Full service custom job shop offering design, prototyping and manufacturing with in house capabilities for mass production, complex assembly and precision CNC mill-work.

  Cavallero Plastics Inc.
Provides custom injection molding and mold manufacturing along with inhouse design and engineering services, secondary operations, and drop ship capabilities of the finished the product.

  Clarich Mold Corp.
Specialists in plastic injection molds and die cast dies.

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