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  ABC Group Inc.
Blow molder with core business (an Automotive Tier 1 Supplier) being the design, development and production of plastic automotive systems and components for automotive O.E.M.S. worldwide.

  Agri-Industrial Plastics Company
Custom extrusion blow molding small to large parts using a range of thermoplastics. Monolayer and multilayer co-extrusion. EPA-compliant non-automotive fuel tanks. Engineering, design and project management support.

  Apex Plastics
We are a FDA and ISO 9001:2008 registered plastics molding manufacturer specializing in custom blow-molded bottles, containers and shapes. We also have a large variety of proprietary plastic bottles and containers.

  Blow Molded Specialties
Supplies custom extruded blow molded products for the medical device, laboratory, health care, consumer, and OEM industrial markets.

  Blow Molded Specialties, Inc.
A full service contract manufacturer for blow molded parts & sub-assemblies serving a wide range of markets; commercial and industrial applications such as recreational vehicles, water treatment, lawn & garden, and fuel tanks.

  C.L. Smith Company
Supplies custom, proprietary, and stock blow-molded HDPE plastic bottles and secondary services such as sleeve labeling and multi-colored silk-screen printing to complete your package design.

  Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co.
A full service distributor of packaging components such as plastic, glass and metal containers and closures and offers in-house color silk screening services as well.

  Consolidated Container Company
Supplies blow molded rigid plastic containers to the consumer, agricultural, and industrial chemical industries.

  Crown Cork & Seal Co. Inc.
Manufactures packaging products for consumer goods including metal cans for food, beverage, household and other consumer products and plastic containers for beverages.

  Custom Bottle/Lerman Container Co.
Manufacturer of stock and custom plastic bottles, offering integrated packaging solutions.

  Custom-Pak Inc.
Supplies blow molded products along with a wide range of automated and secondary operation finishes for the consumer as well as blow molded carrying cases and industrial parts.

  DevTech Labs Inc.
Supplies blow molded PET bottles and injection molded PET preforms.

  Drug Plastics and Glass
Supplies plastic bottles to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, health & beauty aids, chemical and food industries.

  Flambeau Corp.
Contract manufactures thermoplastic parts specializing in both the injection and blow molding processes.

  Flexcraft Company
Is a full service custom blow molding firm specializing in engineered thermoplastics. We are capable of handling both large and small production runs. Product design, mold making, and production are all handled on site to provide everything needed to quickly get your product to the market.

  Fulcrum Inc. of Minneapolis
Supplies custom blow molded stock and proprietary plastic containers and specialty items and provides mold design, decorating and warehousing program services.

  Harcostar Drums Ltd.
Manufactures large extrusion blow moulded drums, garden products and tailored customer designed products.

  Hedwin Corp.
Manufactures the flexible package Cubitainer® Combination Package and in addition a variety of blow molded standard and rigid container products, including customized packaging, pails and extruded drum liners.

  Hoover Materials Handling Group Inc.
Manufactures and supplies intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

  Hub Plastics, Inc.
Supplies Custom extruded blow molded HDPE, LDPE, and PP jars and bottles to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries.

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