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What's 'Nurtured' Mean?

The site you just left was designed by Polysort LLC and is hosted and promoted by our company.

If you're wondering why the tagline on the site from which you clicked said "Designed and Nurtured by Polysort", we think you deserve an explanation.

There are lots of web site design companies out there that can build or redesign your site, but how many have you met that take responsibility for the results they achieve?

Polysort is an ten-year-old company that has its roots as the first plastics and rubber industry portal online. During that time we developed an expertise in creating, designing and promoting web sites for plastics, rubber and packaging industry companies that yield strong results year after year.

We're very possessive of the sites we build and the customers we serve. We provide ongoing performance analysis feedback to our clients about their site, measured by real-time qualified traffic and leads and strong search engine positioning. We're proactive in suggesting ways for companies to improve the performance of their site. Our analysis tools allow our clients to proactively take action on traffic trends that produce results to outpace their competitors. We use lessons we've learned from developing plastics, rubber and packaging company web sites to assist clients seeking high impact business-to-business Internet performance.

If you're not sure whether your company web site is as productive as it could be, contact us. We'll give you an honest evaluation. Fill out this form for more information, or call 800-326-8666.

In the meantime, you can read more about our Internet marketing services, which not only include web design, "Nurturing" and promotion on the major search engines, but also industry visibility through promotion on our industry leading site http://www.polysort.com.

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