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The Polysort Secret to Brand Visibility
by Angela S. Charles
Polysort President

You've probably heard from us and other sources that it helps web site performance to redesign periodically, tweak and update content and re-evaluate the keywords under which you want your company to be found.

I wanted to share with you the latest information about traffic to the Polysort site, both as a testament that a site redesign can have a major impact on performance as well as to let you know that if you're advertising with us, we continue to work to drive traffic to your site from our plastics and rubber portal.

In October 2002, we launched our latest site design - the sixth redesign since we were founded in 1995. Since the launch, our traffic has again gone up considerably.

Analysis Yields Good News
Just prior to our redesign, Polysort averaged 35,000 monthly visitors, maintaining our position as the online leader in our industry.

After launch and for each of the first 3 months of 2003, we've averaged a 9% increase per month in site visitors with March's increase up more than 17%! The number of page views has gone up considerably as well. Last month's increase was more than 20%. These numbers reinforce both the breadth and depth of the acceptance of our new look and increased functionality.

To understand our pride in these numbers, consider Polysort's leadership role as an Internet pioneer. Like most brand leaders, each percentage point increase is significant.

Our new content membership program, where users can sign up to view and use protected areas of our site and receive our weekly e-mail newsletter, has swelled as our registered membership rolls have increased by more than 8% through March.

And our search engine performance has improved through diligent tweaking of content on our site - for important terms like "plastics resin", "plastics news", "rubber news", "group purchase organization" and "plastics industry", we show up on the first page of key search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, oftentimes in the top slot.

For every barometer used to measure site performance, our new web site is producing exciting results.

Now I'm going to tell you the secret of how we did it.

The Polysort Touch
Improvement in all the areas noted above takes more than changing colors, refining layout or adding pictures. It requires understanding who your potential audience is and what they would respond to, then taking the best that you already have on your site and enhancing it.

As we worked on our site redesign, we focused on improving the content and navigation to better communicate our changing business model. We decided which areas were most important, and increased functionality and positioned these sections to be easily found.

Based on feedback we'd received over the last couple of years, we added some new features and changed others. We researched the keywords by which we wanted to perform and picked the best, with which we developed appropriate content for search engine performance.

Our senior designer worked hand-in-hand with our content developers to ensure that the look and feel would complement, enhance and communicate the vision. Look at our growth rate cited above again and then take a look at our site - you be the judge as to whether we succeeded.

The Moral to the Story
If you're thinking about a site redesign, you should be talking to Polysort. Conventional web site designers are a dime a dozen, many of whom only charge a few dozen dimes. But, we're all business people who understand that you get what you pay for.

As you review your options for redesigning your site, don't forget that Polysort has the whole package - skilled site designers, professional content developers, search engine placement expertise and attentive, results-driven project managers. You'll need the whole package to generate the kind of results necessary to make your site investment worthwhile.

For help with your web site, complete this short form or call 800-326-8666 or 330-665-5918.

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