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Polysort was launched in February 1995 as an online community serving the polymer industry. You might say we're an Internet pioneer. Two months prior to our launch, there were only 40 web sites that existed on the entire World Wide Web. Today there are more than 3 billion.

In our early stages, Internet users found us by "surfing the web" which means mostly by accident. As the Internet continued to mature, two new companies, AltaVista and Yahoo were among the first to create web sites to help surfers find information in a more orderly manner. As these search engines became more efficient in providing the information Internet users needed, the practice of web surfing quickly became a thing of the past.

Today, Polysort no longer needs to depend on luck to be found on the Internet. People find us everyday on leading search engines Google, YAHOO, MSN and AOL. In fact, Polysort is the most popular web site serving the plastics and rubber industries.

Because of search engines, the Internet is considered the world's most popular resource for information and the most efficient medium for customer prospecting. Internet users go to search engines to locate the web sites of companies who will help them find the products or services they need.

Because we were there when search engines began, we understand the value they provide to users and how to position our web site when Internet users look for information. In 1995, we helped develop the concept of online marketing. Today our understanding of search engine placement and the unique expectations of search engine users has allowed us to evolve that early concept into an online marketing strategy that is world-class and uniquely Polysort.

Since the beginning, visitor traffic to our industry mega-sites Polysort.com and PackagingBusiness.com, which was launched in 1998, has continued to grow and after nine years we remain the online industry leader. This reinforces that being "found" on the Internet is not enough by itself. When first-time users find us they usually come back. They return because we understand how to provide relevant content and information that helps make their lives a little easier.

Just as the Internet has matured from a near vacuum in 1994, Polysort has kept pace with the needs of the industries we serve. We leverage our expertise in web site design and optimization to create and maintain the web sites for many industry leaders. To help companies get their message to a targeted audience of decision makers, we provide high-visibility advertising programs that fit the needs of large and small companies alike.

And more importantly, we continue to evolve our content and information to remain fresh and relevant to the thousands of visitors who come to us daily looking for answers.

For more information about Polysort's online marketing, web site design and optimization services, fill out our contact form or call 800-326-8666.

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